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    1. Debbie replied:

      What a lovely pattern you have here! What kind or weight of yarn did you use?

      • erinknitting replied:

        Just worsted weight! Thanks. :]

      • erinknitting replied:

        Thank you! I’m not exactly sure, but I would say around 300 yards?

    2. Sue replied:

      Lovely, lovely. I will make this for my 18 year old daughter. Thanks.

    3. Blackpool replied:

      My sis thought this was cool

    4. Dianne replied:

      Hi! I am knitting this for my daughter & have a question. Just to clarify, on the Back, the piece should measure 12″ total before starting the seed stitch center? 2″ rib + 10″ Plait?

      Very cute pattern!

      • erinknitting replied:

        That is correct. :]

    5. Rain replied:

      Oh that’s lovely!

    6. eda replied:

      how much yarn is needed? how many yards?
      this is so pretty – I have some yarn but not sure if it is enough.

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