Fishtail Vest pattern

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August 12, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Cassie replied:

    I LOVE this top…there’s SO much one can do with it in regards to the wardrobe for all of the seasons…it most definitely qualifies as a staple.

    The shape definitely highlights the female form in the most flattering of ways, and personally speaking, I love ANYthing with an empire waist. Way to go Ms. Erin! This project is, without a doubt, an A++!!!

    • erinknitting replied:

      Thanks so much! I think I might be blushing!

  2. sweetenedshop replied:

    Hi! I love this pattern! I have one quick question though – to make this in a size large…do I just add 10 more stitches? I’m just a little confused as to how to increase the size.


    • erinknitting replied:

      Thanks! :] And yes, just add multiples of ten. The size I knit was small, so I would add 20 stitches for a large.

  3. krystal replied:

    Hi, I love this pattern, and I was wondering what the finished bust measurement was for the size as written? I’m just thinking about gauge and increasing sizing. Thanks!

    • erinknitting replied:

      It is 34″, but could stretch to fit much bigger. Thanks!

  4. Michele replied:

    I love the vest. I’m interested in knitting it but I’m a beginner kniter. Do you think it could be done in the round to avoid seaming? Your thoughts please. Thanks.

    • erinknitting replied:

      Yes I think it would be very easy to do it in the round. Make sure you have a big enough needle and when you get to the straps start knitting flat again. :]

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